“I am IN for a lifetime journey with YU”

Pages Bound by 6002

To my dearest 6002,

It has been slightly more than a month since this nightmare began. I had never once imagined that I will have to go through such an emotional and nerve wrecking period by just being a Chunsa. Every moment of the day I would pray that this will come to an end soon.

I hated reading articles that published untruths about you. I wanted to yell and scream at them for defaming you. People who do not even know you insulted and even cursed you. I was worried for you and your family. I cried when I heard you say you were sorry for worrying us when you were in front of the ruthless reporters.

I kept asking myself repeatedly: “Why am I so affected? Why am I so angry, hurt and worried? I have not even met you”. It didn’t take me long to figure that…

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