Once Upon A Time

nicely written . . . got d same feel, wishing for a happy ending for this feisty woman.


He first saw her one beautiful day in July. She was being her usual self- silly, giddy, childish. He’s been watching her for sometime, but never really that close. He could never understand why she caught his eye. Maybe she was just too pretty to look at. Maybe there was something that made her stood out in that crowd. Or maybe he was alone and lonely for far too long.

His gaze lingered a bit too much, he realized, because the next thing he knew, she was looking right back at him. With those big brown eyes, she was staring right through him. He could’ve sworn there’s something utterly captivating about her- hypnotic, astounding, mystifying. Whatever it was, he was drawn to her like sunset on the water, like dandelions on the wind.

But he was not ready. Not yet.

The fascination is a bit too quick it’s reckless. He…

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